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For Homes Built Before 1940:

In the event of a loss, would you select the reconstruction of your home to be of modern materials or exact replica materials?
Modern Materials(Ex: Sheetrock/Drywall walls, 8-foot ceilings, standard wood, concrete foundation)
Exact Replica Materials(Ex: Plaster walls, 10-foot ceilings, rough lumber)
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For each category indicate the percentage of each type of material used in your home. Please ensure each column adds to 100%.

Exterior Walls %
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Stone (Solid)
Stone Veneer
Stucco on Block
Stucco on Frame
Wood Siding
Vinyl/Aluminum Siding
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Please indicate if any of your kitchens have the following special features:
?, granite or authentic marble countertops
More than one oven
Center island with cabinets or ?
Commercial style refrigerator (e.g. Sub-Zero style)
6 or more total range top burners
* How many bathrooms are in your home?
Full (tub/shower, sink & toilet)
Half (sink & toilet)
Please indicate the number of bathrooms that have the following special features:
?, Granite or Marble
Spa or Jacuzzi Tub
Double Sink
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Please indicate the number of these additional features in your home.
Bay Windows
Bow Windows
Picture Windows
Doors & Fireplace
Atrium/French Doors
Sliding Glass Doors
Please note any other features of your home that may cost more than $10,000 to replace in the even of a loss (i.e. ?, Sun Room, Greenhouse, etc.).