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Stunts and Scenes

Eligible Stunts and Scenes

Eligible declared stunts, animals, and precision driving scenes can now be purchased as a buyback to the existing stunt exclusion. Multiple scenes can be quoted online simultaneously with the production.

Aerial Scenes

Shoots from aircraft including airplanes, helicopters, gliders and balloons.

Includes scenic shots from private or commercial aircraft that do do not involve aerial acrobatics or other hazardous maneuvers.

Does not include aircraft liability.


Covers scenes involving scripted and choreographed falls.

Fight Scenes

Fight scenes that are choreographed, structured, and sequenced. These scenes may involve physical contact between actors and the use of weapons.

Recreational Vehicles

The use of recreational vehicles such as ATV's, go carts, mopeds, motorcycles, scooters, segways, snowmobiles, and similar type vehicles.

Water Scenes

Canoes, kayaks, shots on lakes, shoots primarily in water, surfing, pools.

Does not provide watercraft coverage. See the movie boat program.


Scenes that involve prop guns, squibs, blanks, knives or other similar weapons.

Precision Driving

Controlled driving on public roads, race tracks, off-road, chase scenes, skidding, collisions, explosions, motorcycles.


Scenes involving the use of animals, such as dogs, farm animals, household pets, and zoo animals.


Fireworks, flashboxes, demolition, explosions, and other pyrotechnic effects.

How to include Stunts

The stunt exclusion can be bought back for eligible declared stunts.

  • Stunts are quoted online simultaneously with the production.
  • Stunts must be declared.
  • Multiple stunts may be declared to a single production.
  • Certain stunts are not eligible for workers compensation.

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